Sunday, 6 January 2013

Our humble Family Xmas dinner!!!

While growing up, every year without fail my mum would prepare us turkey dinner... Not once but twice a year (sometimes 3 times!!!) Xmas, new year and post new year... But nowadays we are on "DIET"!!! *hahahhaah not!!!* Thus we have a diet looking turkey too... Mind u, this is the smallest turkey we ever had... Can be mistaken for a chicken too!!!???

My dad was camera shy that day... Also he was too eager to devour the bird, that he couldn't wait to dig in...
This year we had a simple & humble Xmas dinner... Normally it would have been a huge spread of mash potatoes, seafood (butter prawns, crab), dessert, etc...

We enjoyed our humble Xmas dinner in style... Pajamas party :)
Btw, when this pics were taken, we just came bck from krabi, Thailand-thus the tired looking faces minus my brother Jeffrey!!! (stay tune for this post-once mr. Hubby's done uploading our krabi pics from our camera)

We as a family are grateful for a fruitful 2012 n God's blessings on our family!!! A lot has happened in 2012 for us...
Appreciate what we have and our moments spend with each other!!!

Can't wait for what God has planned for us in 2013!!!

My dad said a special prayer especially for my bro Jeffrey!!! Gagagagagahahaha... Eager to know? Ask him urself ;)

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