Friday, 15 March 2019

Trails of Tan Ah Huat - Singapore 1920s with Let's Go Tour Singapore

Since I'm from Malaysia and Mr. Hubby is from America, we constantly have friends and family coming to visit us from all over the world!
We've been to many of the major tourist attractions in Singapore, such as the famous ones like Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore zoo, night safari, Sentosa, Resort World, Jurong Bird Park, etc... Not once, not twice but countless times! 

But this experience that I'm about to share with you is something we have NEVER done before (after living in Singapore for almost 9 years!!!).
I can guarantee that most local Singaporeans have not been on this experience before. 

recently launched a new tour called 'Trails of Tan Ah Huat - Singapore 1920s Nostalgic',  
where you can experience a historic and nostalgic trail as we retrace Tan Ah Huat's footsteps! 

It sounds "mehhhh" ??? 
Like how can Singapore history be that interesting??? 

I'm not a big fan of history ever since the subject "history" came into my school life. 
But I was hooked on this 4 hour LONG tour from beginning till the end !!! 
Even Mr. Hubby n kids were hooked too... 
Let me tell you why :

1) You get to choose to ride a Bicycle or E-scooter the entire 4 hours tour!!! 
Mr. Hubby and I were debating between the bicycle or E-scooter especially when we have 2 young kids with us. The company will provide a child seat if you opt for bicycle. We decided to try something new and went ahead with E-Scooters. The company assured us that our kids could ride with us. 
It was our first time ever on an E-scooter! 
It was super fun for the adults and kids. 
The tour guide will brief you on how to ride it after watching a video on safety guidelines and it only took us 2 mins to get the hang of it. Don't worry the tour guide will guide you along the way by giving you hand signals and waiting for you (if needed). 
Most importantly, the entire tour is mostly done on proper sidewalks!!! 

2) Story telling - Who doesn't love a live-in-action story teller? 
Especially when he keeps you in suspense till the very end. I shall spare you details of the ending as it has an element of surprise with twists and suspense!!! 

"A totally new and immersive tour experience  through the exciting and nostalgic story of Tan Ah Huat, bringing visitors through the 1920s to visualize and ‘experience’ life during that nostalgic colonial era."

The story of Tan Ah Huat, a Chinese immigrant who came to Singapore for a better living will unfold as visitors arrive at each location where the guide will share about Tan Ah Huat's exciting story of what happened then at the exact spot, people he encountered and what he did. 

There will be many stops along the way where the tour guide will tell you the story connecting the stopping point location to the story. 
He will also show you clips of history using the iPad. This added a wonderful touch to the tour experience as you get to see how Singapore used to be at the particular stops. It was just surreal comparing the "now VS. then". The kids were so intrigued and kept asking questions.




3) In character and full on attire!!! 
Our tour guide transformed from a normal looking clothed guy and came out as "Tan Ah Huat" with full on costume from head to toe. He introduced himself as Alfi a.k.a "Tan Ah Huat"
We were handed straw hats and nostalgic "Good morning" towels too to transformed us back to 1920s!!!



4) Snacks n refreshments 
Unknowingly (since we were riding the time of our lives), we reached half way through our tour.
We stopped for some good old traditional Singaporean coffee shop! 
We had cold drinks n some snacks (kaya toast n soft boiled eggs) to fuel up!
Oh, cold bottled water were handed to us before and after the tour (how refreshing!) 





5) shady and breezy
I was a bit worried of what I signed up for as I'm a typical Asian who's scared of being tanned and am "allergic" to the sun. LOLs!
I brought my sunblock to lather up on our exposed areas.
I was even contemplating on bringing my umbrella...
Hahaha! Imagine an aunty riding an escooter (with a kid) holding an umbrella??!!!
But this momma ended up forgetting to put on our sunblock as it was shady and breezy!
The tour goes through lots of shaded areas... No pun intended! LOLs


6) unknown path and trails 
As mentioned, Mr. Hubby and I have lived in Singapore for almost 9 years so you would think that we've been to many of the places in this tour. But we were so wrong!!! We went on lots of unknown paths and trails that we would never ever encounter before if you are a heavy MRT and bus users like us! There are so many unexplored pedestrian trails across Singapore that we've not been to and this tour will make you feel like a tourist all over again! 




7) Overnight history buff 
By the end of this tour, you will appreciate the history of Singapore (even more!).
So many new things and places we learnt throughout this amazing tour that I can now proudly say I'm a history buff of Singapore! 

In conclusion.
When the tour ended, we felt sad and the kids didn't want it to end either.
They kept saying they wanted to GO, GO, GO!!!

Now we know where to bring our foreign friends and family when they come to visit us! 
P/s: It is also great for a company retreat and team bonding!!!
What better way to learn about Singapore's history, culture, traditions and heritage sites. 
This tour is suitable for everybody from the young children & students as part of their education, and the adults & seniors as well to relive our past history.  


If you are interested to check out 'Trails of Tan Ah Huat - Singapore 1920s', (they do offer other kinds of tours as well including food tour - sign me up please??!!!), click here to find out more about their tours!
Here's a short video clip showcasing the highlights of our family on this tour. Hope you will enjoy this tour as much as we did!!! 
Block 462 Crawford Lane #01-57 Singapore 190462
Disclaimer: This is a Media invite sponsored by Let's Go Tour Singapore and AT Marketing Consultancy. All opinions are solely our own.

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