Sunday, 1 November 2015

Happy 43 mths old to baby Si and happy 21 mths old to baby Skye!!!

Happy 43 mths old to baby Si and happy 21 mths old to baby Skye!!!
(previous month's post <~ if u missed it!)

Here's our monthly family tradition of taking Polaroid pics.
Hopefully baby Si n baby skye pics will cheer up ur day!!!
It did cheer us up when snapping these pics... :)

Milestones reached:

.Automatically takes off his diaper right before his shower and runs to wait outside the toilet while daddy prepares his warm water for his bath tub.
.running man on the loose! "Run skyler, run!!!"
.4 more upper teeth sprouting but not at the location expected... there's a gap of 1 tooth that have yet to sprout (total 10 teeth)! Unlike Sienna, her teeth grew 1 after the other - side by side (without any skips)
.his favorite current toy~ old air cond remote control that he uses as his "phone" (unfortunately its lost now) n Elmo who he carries around everywhere especially right before he sleeps n as soon as he wakes up! He imitates jie jie Sienna with her fav. Bear Bear ...
.started doodling
.mummy 1st time sending him to the naughty corner... n he obediently went and stood there with his head down!!! Managed to get it on video ...
(Gong gong did sent Skyler for the first time last month when we visited)
(As for the jie jie Sienna, she started only around 3 yrs old as we never experience terrible 2's with her... just terrible 3's)... Lols...
.Loves his cars, buses n trucks!!! Luckily not so much of jie jie Sienna princesses...***phewwww*** but still joins jie jie in cooking up a storm at the kitchen set... okay lahhh can pass as a chef next time perhaps??? Then can cook yummy food for mummy next time!
.able to swing on monkey bars... practically loves swinging anywhere n everywhere! 
.first time playing at the water sprinklers!!! Was scared of the shooting water in the beginning but in the end was crying when it was time to go home!
.first time getting a haircut with the hair clippers by mummy! DIY hair cut...
.said his 1st word "na na" for both bananas n Sienna!!! Mummy went out on a mother-son date with aunty Elly, n when we came back, baby Skye shouted "na na" loud n clear n pointed to jie jie!
.said his 2nd word "mama" n points to his momma...  on the same day as his 1st word!!! ***yipee!!! This momma is on cloud 9*** took him much longer than most babies especially compared to his jie jie (who's already talking in full sentences at his age), but sooner or later, he will be talking non stop that this momma has to shushhh him up!

.1st time losing her beloved items - toy phone n her princess Elsa n Anna sling bag that she brings along everywhere!!!
She Left her bag + toy phone at the toy coin machine... N it was gone just right after we left.
She cried n begged mummy to find it. So we went back twice to the toy machines n to the information counter to report lost n found... ***oh well, it taught her a lesson***
.starting to skip her naps every now n then. ***This mummy surrender #pickmybattleswisely!!!*** as long as she doesn't disturb di di Skyler nap!
.roping the brother into doing things for her ... like throwing her banana peel!!! ***rolls eyes!!!***  very smart jie jie indeed... n di di will happily help coz mummy gives "high fives" n says "thank u"!
.able to read all the numbers 0-9...
.showing interest in reading the clock...
.first time "cooking" with mummy where she assisted mummy in baking her 1st brownies! I still remember as a kid, my fav part was to lick all the yummy leftover cake mix in the bowl, cutlery, mixer, bring her first time, I had her lick once n this mummy locked the rest "secretly" in hiding!
***note Baby Skye is holding his fav "phone" (lost now)***
.doing the "duck face" when posing for the camera! America/Malaysia/Singapore next baby model perhaps???

Skye n Si
.trying chicken nuggets for the 1st time! To my surprised, they both didn't liked it... I thought all kids love nuggets? I delayed in giving them... thankfully they don't like it...
.participated in their first Halloween trick or treating!!!
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