Monday, 18 August 2014

Family photoshoot...

Not really in the mood to dress up, make up, etc...
Plus getting 2 kiddos up and early in the morning, ready n well fed is quite a feat!
Worst part is, it rained that morning! So we were unsure if the shoot was still on... Thus making this mummy a bit hesistent to get ready... 
(Btw, we had to cancel our earlier appointment as it poured heavily!!!)

Thankfully all cleared up and weather turned out lovely! (Although the grounds were wet)
And kiddos were well fed, happy n good to go!!! They corporated surprisingly well during the 90 mins photoshoot!!! Mummy was already ready to give up towards the end :p

Our shoot took place at Singapore Botanic Gardens! surprisingly the photos turned out nice!
Mr. Hubby made the right choice to delay taking our family photoshoot as he wanted baby Skye to be able to lift his head up :) *smiles*
But I didn't wanna wait too long coz we took baby Si newborn pics when she was only 26 days old!
And baby Skye won't stay a newborn for too long...

So baby Skye at 5 mths vs. baby Si at 26 days old :)
See links below for our photoshoot pics...
I'm glad we did it! It's a once in a lifetime thingy... Plus, we don't want baby Skye to feel left out (not having a newborn photoshoot) and being labelled as 2nd kid syndrome where the parents go ALL WAY OUT for baby no1 but nothing for baby no2 what more baby no3!!! Hahahha....

Baby Skye at 5 months...

Tips for mummies (for outdoor photoshoot) 
. Make sure kiddos and mr. Hubby are well fed, well slept & well poop-ed! 
. Schedule the photoshoot the appropriate length..ours was for 90 mins! Just nice (not too long n not too short) if no interruptions (diaper change, feeding, etc)
. Schedule the photoshoot the appropriate timing, when the sun is not too hot and when the kids are the most alert and active!
. Bring lots of props to keep kiddos entertain (bubbles, their fav. Soft toys, mat, etc)
. Bring lots of WATER to stay hydrated :) sunscreen and umbrella if needed...
. Bring lots of snacks to keep kiddos happy (Sienna didn't end up needing it as she was too excited)
. Bring a stroller if ur kiddos can't walk too far! Sienna was up and running!!!
. Make sure ur photographer works well with kids... Ours even though he's young, he was very helpful in other things like pushing our stroller, lending a hand when our hands were full, overall must be patient as he needed to get a few good shots!
. If you plan to take newborn pics, its better to have ur photoshoot at home! 
Just like when we did for baby Si at 26 days old...(plus, this mummy was still under confinement)

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