Monday, 10 February 2014

Happy 22 months baby Si!!!

Happy 22 months baby Si!!!

Baby Si turns 22months on 6th feb 2014!!!
(21  months old post <~ if u missed it)

Hopefully baby Si pics will cheer up ur day!!! It did cheer us up when snapping these pics... :)

Milestones reached:
. Potty trained!!! (See this post of u missed it)
. Jump with 2 feet off the ground...before this whenever she jumps, it's either just both hands in the air with feet firmly on ground or hands in the air with running man feet...
. Can sleep without mummy during the night (accidentally we did it- coz me and mr hubby went for a movie while po po and gong gong babysat...came bck at ard 10pm (baby si usually sleeps at 10.30 onwards) n found them all asleep!
--> Good timing as mummy will be sleeping with baby Skye and baby Si will be sleeping with daddy!!!
. Can finally say her name!!! Before this she calls herself as "na na"... Funnily, She can even say her 
di-di's name "skyler" even before she can say her name! 
--> Good timing as its about time that baby Si will no longer be called baby Si but Sienna....and it's Skyler's turn to be called baby Skye ***Does this mean Sienna is no longer a baby??? Sob sob...They are growing up way too fast...
. Does not wanna sit in her high chair and wants to self feed almost about everything!!!

On a side note:
We celebrated chiu chiu Jeffrey's birthday!!! + CNY lunch...
Po po cooked yummy food...roast chicken, butter prawns, etc... I could only eat the roast chicken :(
Note: gong gong (my dad) wrote "happy birthday Jeffrey age: 33" on his cake as a silent reminder...

Baby Si is getting along really well with baby Skyler...surprisingly well... She will "sayang" him, laughs at him when he farts, burp, smiles, opens eyes, etc... Reports to me whatever "di-di" is doing...
Thank God she isn't clingy to me either as she has daddy, po po and gong gong to entertain her!
(Too bad daddy is leaving soon *sob sob*... ) 
But I do make sure I spend some quality time with her...give her attention...cuddling her, lots of kisses, reading her fav books, etc...

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