Sunday, 5 January 2014

Happy 21 months baby Si!!!

Happy 21 months baby Si!!!

Baby Si turns 21 months on 6th jan 2014!!! Which is today....yeayyyy!!! 
(20  months old post <~ if u missed it)

Hopefully baby Si pics will cheer up ur day!!! It did cheer us up when snapping these pics... :)

Milestones reached:
. Starting to speak in full sentences... "Papa, mummy and na na shuìjiào <- sleep "
. Can count from 1-10 in mandarin 
. Chooses her own clothes to dress

On a side note:
We started attempting to potty train baby Si...starting the new year with no diapers :)
Will update the progress, hopefully good news soon!!! *mummy n daddy fingers crossed*

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